Alva Morrigan

With her deep desire to feed hungry learners, Ms. Morrigan was a natural addition to our Splendid Academy staff. In addition to teaching in the classroom, Ms. Morrigan has taken on the duties of cafeteria meal planner and kitchen head of staff. She earned her first degree in cooking from the Culinary Arts Academy of the Perigord (L’Academie des Artes de Cuisine du Perigord), where she won top honors upon graduation with her triple-stuffed foie gras (goose liver) and bitter chocolate cheesecake. Ms. Morrigan later earned excellent qualifications in elementary and intermediate education, with specializations in Biology and Human Anatomy.

Ms. Morrigan states her philosophy of teaching: “If a student is hungry, she can’t learn. Feed the body, then feed the mind, and the rewards will be a feast any teacher would be proud to call her creation!”

Rusalka Threnody

Rusalka Threnody is new to our staff this year, after spending the past few months translating original Greek sea chanteys into fourteen different languages. A talented linguist as well as a world-class coloratura soprano, Ms. Threnody is new to working with children, but is eager to have the chance to spread her joy in music with a younger group of learners. Ms. Threnody says: “For years, I have sung to audiences of sailors, fishermen, cruise ship passengers and crews, first near the famous Bermuda Triangle area, then in the Greek islands. Everyone adored my singing, naturally, but when Principal Trapp called, I jumped at the chance to satisfy my appetite for working with children.”

Principal Lucretia Trapp

Lucretia Trapp has dedicated her life to serving children. Her Splendid Academies have won awards and applause from governmental organizations and educational non-profits across the globe. Her greatest pleasure lies in finding the special spark in each and every child in her academy, and coaxing it into a full-blown conflagration of learning. Principal Trapp feels that “once a student joins Splendid Academy, they never truly leave. In a way I can’t wholly explain, they become a part of me. I remember every student with great fondness… and hope to welcome many more eager, young minds into future Splendid Academies.”



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