New Playground Equipment for Splendid Academy!

Sep 23, 2012 by

Dear Students (and Prospective Students),

It has come to my attention that while our playground here at Splendid may indeed be – well,  splendid! – a few new equipment purchases may be in order. This week, dear Ms. Morrigan has taken time from her menu-planning duties to help select the following, to be installed as soon as they arrive:

1. A race track around the entire playground, complete with miniature, motorized go-carts. And helmets, of course!

2. A twenty-foot Ferris wheel, with padded seats, strobe-effect lights, and an iPod dock to pump your favorite tunes into each carriage as you ride and snack.

3. An “Angry Birds” course, where students will take turns using an enormous slingshot to catapult stuffed birds into piles of Styrofoam pig boulders.

4. A vending machine stocked with all the major brands of candy bars – served slightly chilled for a refreshing outdoor snack!

We have heard several requests for jet packs, but as we have not yet found a supplier who can provide adequate safety harnesses, we will delay that purchase.

Thank you to Cory, Josh, Drew, Caiden, Ella, Emma, and all the other children who took valuable time to provide input so we can be even more splendid! Each of you has won a free week’s worth of swan-shaped éclairs to take home, available for pick-up in the cafeteria of Splendid Academy. (They’re irresistibly delicious. Ask Vasalisa to pack you a few extra if you find yourself at all hungry. Remember, hungry children aren’t happy learners!)

Bon Appétit,

Principal Trapp

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  1. Posion Ivy

    It WOULD be splendid, but were is the mall?!? Surely, you have a mall…

  2. Hawkgirl

    watch movies,movie theater,gardens,malls,crafts class,being able to bring things like computers,kindels,ect.also a horse back riding area.

    BTW:what about my bubble idea?!

  3. Alexis Garcia

    I’m a high school student my thought of the book was magnificent. It was creative fun and mysterious. I really liked this book because my favorite fairy tale story (Hansel and Gretel) was sort of in it.

    • Alexis Garcia

      Oops I forgot to put a comma in the sentence. It was actually suppose to be like this; creative, fun, and mysterious.

  4. Jane

    An astronomy field, archery practice arena, library, time traveling devices,fashion place waterfall, palace

  5. Syrena

    You can do better than this.

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