Ms. Morrigan’s Guest Post: A Gourmet Beginning!

Aug 25, 2012 by

Hello, Students!

I am Ms. Morrigan, on staff here at Splendid Academy both as a teacher and cafeteria coordinator! I was delighted to hear that dear Principal Trapp had solicited your input for our opening menus in the Splendid Cafeteria – and that you all gave such excellent suggestions.

This week, I will instruct the kitchen staff to add your amazing favorite foods to our kitchens. If the foods are popular with the other students, they may stay on the menu… indefinitely!

Thanks to you, in addition to our normal breakfast selections of custom omelets, scrambled eggs with cheese, buttered toast, french toast, rashers of bacon, ham, spicy and mild sausages, cinnamon bread, pancakes, waffles, and sugar-dipped raspberries, we will also delight in the following:

Monday – Banana Nutella crepes (suggested by Robin)

Tuesday – Whipped cream à la Morrigan, garnished with Fraises Sauvages (Merci beaucoup, Mme. Kathy Duval!)

Wednesday – Cinnamon rolls with cinnamon cream cheese frosting (Enough cinnamon for you, Alicia Marie?)

Thursday – Chocolate-covered donuts with ice cream, whipped cream, and a cherry on top (I approve, Griffin!)

Friday, or “Eat Dessert First” Day – Lemon bars with powdered sugar and Chocolate Snowquake cookies! (Thanks to Beckett and Jenna for helping add a new tradition to Splendid Academy! Dessert First Fridays will be a huge hit, I know!)

What a splendid start to a new school year. Does your new school cafeteria have a menu to rival ours? No? Well, consider signing up for Splendid Academy today! Just like desserts, we always have room for more.

Bon Appétit!

Ms. Morrigan

Next week… lunch menu additions!

All our breakfasts are All You Can Eat!


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  3. Jane

    YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!! Q

  4. Syrena

    This is really nice, Nikki! I love it!

  5. Syrena

    *nom-nom* 😀

  6. Hawkgirlwatch movies,movie thetear,gardens,malls,crafts class,being able to bring things like computers,kindels,ect.also a horse back riding area.BTW:what about my bubble idea?!

    • Principal Trapp

      All delightful ideas! We need deliciously creative students like you at Splendid Academy. I do so hope you’ll give us a try!

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