Menu Planning at Splendid Academy

Aug 6, 2012 by

Dear prospective students,

I am thrilled beyond words to inform you that our cafeteria is almost finished, thanks to our amazing construction team! And now, two weeks until the first day of school, I have a small favor to ask of you.

Our own hard-working Ms. Morrigan has been whipping up recipe after recipe, trying to put together the school cafeteria menu for the first week. She’s always had a sweet tooth, of course, so most of the recipes involve vast quantities of fine Belgian chocolate and powdered sugar, but she wants to make certain we include dishes from all of our students’ favorites lists.

And so, we come to the favor I must ask you. Will you please leave a comment below, indicating which food is your favorite in the world? No, not what your mother wishes were your favorite, or which food is best for you – we want to know what food, if served in our new cafeteria, cooked perfectly, would make you want to never stop eating!

We’ll be posting the menus in a few weeks, so check back in to see if your favorite made the cut. And make sure your parents have signed you up for Splendid Academy. Although, between us, there’s always room for one more sweet child in our very special school.

Your Friend,

Principal Trapp


A sneak peek at one of the many breakfast items we'll have on the first day!



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  1. I was (am) a Texas kid, and my favorite meal in the whole world of food was red beans mashed up with hot cornbread, topped with stewed tomatoes and fresh sweet onions. I would eat until my ribs ached!

  2. Doughnuts are fine, but gum drops are the best of all breakfast foods.

    -Great website:)

  3. Steak quesadillas! YUM!

  4. Poached eggs on toast. The ultimate cure-all for rainy day blues, pollen-induced brain-fog, and cramps.

  5. Mary Ann Janecka

    Really delightful site, Nikki. This looks like such a precious book, I can’t wait to read it. So creative.
    Chicken Fried Steak (or kids often prefer the steak fingers), mashed potatoes, corn, pecan pie.

  6. Pizza with everything on it, except anchovies. Fish doesn’t belong on pizza.

  7. A huge bowl of whipped cream with one strawberry on top.

  8. Robin

    A banana nutella crepe!

  9. I LOVE SUSHI! Especially salmon.

  10. Melissa Richards

    I love the Ooey Gooey Oreo Pudding dessert!! It has layers of vanilla pudding, crumbled Oreo cookies, and Cool-Whip with gummy worms crawling out of it! It can be in one large plant pot (one of those orange terricota ones) or small individual pots for a personal, little, fun-filled, treat! This would be a perfect idea for a dessert option when you are going through the Cafateria line! I know I would have loved that in my school cafeteria……YUMMY!!!

  11. Ron Mansolo

    For me it’s buffalo wings…the hotter the better.

  12. Joanna Labow

    Coconut cream pie from a little local bakery on the North Shore of Oahu.

  13. Millie Martin

    Never want to stop eating? I’m already there. I never met a food I didn’t love. I love all those country comfort foods, but my favorite sweet dishes are my aunt’s pecan pie with my addition of toasting the pecans, Commander’s Palace bread pudding, and crème brûlée, the real stuff baked in a water bath.

  14. I am going to have to go with Pizza or a nice chunk of cookie dough 🙂

  15. Wow~ Let’s see. BBQ ribs :3

  16. alicia marie

    anything cinnamon! cinnamon bread, cinnamon rolls, cinnamon bagels…you get the idea : )

  17. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Scrambled eggs with cheese on a perfectly browned buttered toast! Nikki, can’t wait to read this book.

  18. Marty

    To start, brown sugar warmed in butter, especially on a rainy day. A popsicle with a cup of hot tea helps me to think. Warm cheese and an apple! Yum!

  19. Jenna

    Chocolate Snowquake cookies!

  20. Beckett

    Lemon bars with powdered sugar are yummy!

  21. Nolan

    Chocolate birthday cake with chocolate icing is delicious.

  22. Griffin

    Chocolate covered donuts with ice cream, whipped cream, and a cherry on top is my favorite treat in the world.

  23. Dianna Brown

    My favorite food is crab, but most kids wouldn’t be interested in that. Lately I’ve been on a potato chip kick. I’m always sad at the bottom of the bag. Maybe your kitchen staff can find a way to make it so the bag never gets empty. Would also work for cookies! Yum!

  24. My favorite food is jasmine rice topped with gumbo. 🙂

  25. Ava M.

    breakfast: Dougnuts with white or dark chocolate frosting.
    Lunch: grilled chease
    snacks: goldfish or sour cream and onion chips
    dessert: cookies and creame icecream made with oreos
    the sinister sweetness of splended acadamy is the
    best book i’ve read this summer!!!!!!

  26. Bailey

    Let’s see ~i’m 11 so…probally all the things my parents won’t allow me to have every day:chocolate, Reese, potato chips, cupcakes, fudge, cookies, pie, etc.

  27. Posion Ivy

    Everything a 11 year old girl would love:)

  28. Hawkgirl

    hershy kisses,triple choclate cake and triple chocolate icing and mounds of cookie dough.

  29. Jane

    Azgard chocolate:)

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